A Quick Guide To Apartment Laundry Services

Apartment Laundry Services

Laundry work is one of the most tedious household chores. Even if you wear sweats and PJs on a daily basis, you will still need to deal with a pile of laundry every week. If you seek to tackle your laundry work regularly then all that you need to do is sign up for apartment laundry services. One of the best providers of apartment laundry services is Hello Laundry. Apartment owners, all over London, can get in touch with Hello Laundry to offer laundry services to their tenants.

Apartment owners of today offer laundry services at affordable rates to attract more tenants. Apartment laundry services gained extra popularity during the pandemic as tenants could no longer visit laundromats or commercial laundry outlets for laundry services. Read on to know more about apartment laundry services in greater detail.

Apartment Laundry Service Options

Are you hunting for apartments in London? If you are, then here is a new criterion for you: apartment laundry services. That’s right! Rent an apartment that offers laundry services to save time and money. Apartments owners offer different types of apartment laundry services as described herein:

In-unit Laundry Service

In-unit apartment laundry service is highly convenient for tenants. An in-unit laundry service arrangement means the dedicated availability of a washing machine and dryer unit for each tenant. The tenant need not even step out of the home to avail of laundry services. Moreover, with in-unit laundry service, the tenant can do laundry work at any hour of the day. One does not need to wait in long queues to wash clothes in the washer and dryer units installed in the apartment. However, in-unit apartment laundry service can be expensive.

The apartment owners usually charge a higher rent for offering in-unit laundry services. The tenants may also have to pay exorbitant water and electricity bills for using in-unit laundry services. Furthermore, the responsibility of maintaining the in-unit laundry machines lies with the tenant. The apartment owner generally bills the tenants for maintenance and servicing of the in-unit washing machine and dryer, which too can be costly. Another issue that tenants face with in-unit laundry is the accommodation of the machines.

If the floor area of the apartment is small then it becomes quite inconvenient for the tenants to install the machines at home as the washing machine unit takes up too much space in the apartment. Overall, in-unit laundry is highly suitable if the apartment is spacious and the tenant can afford to foot the bills of electricity, water, and regular maintenance.

Portable Washers and Dryers

Portable washer and dryer units are smaller than regular laundry machines. The portable washing machines are not installed permanently at the apartments. Instead, the small-sized machines are connected to different vents and water lines at different instances of time for doing laundry. Such machines are highly inconvenient to use. Washing clothes in such machines incurs hefty electricity and water bills.

Moreover, the constant change in connection and disconnection of the washing machine and dryer also ends up damaging the electrical circuitry of the machines. What makes portable washing machines and dryers more inconvenient is that the machines are terribly prone to health and fire hazards. The slightest mistake in the temporary installation of the machines can flood an entire building. For such reasons, apartment owners do not support the use of portable laundry machines within the housing complex. At any rate, it is always more suitable to use in-unit and communal laundry machines in the apartments.

Communal Laundry Services

If you are tired of waiting for your turn at the laundromat in your town, then it is time to sign up for communal laundry services offered at your apartment. Also known as on-site laundry or in-building laundry, communal laundry service has one washing machine and one dryer unit reserved for every five or six apartments. Communal apartment laundry service is not as expensive as in-unit laundry services. The tenant not only pays less rent but also avoids paying regular maintenance charges for servicing the washers and dryers.

Most communal laundry units at apartments allow tenants to pay with bank cards and mobile apps in exchange for laundry services. Despite being cheap as compared to in-unit laundry, communal laundry services offered by apartment owners can be inconvenient for many. It is very difficult to get access to communal laundry services on weekends and in the evenings. Moreover, there may be quite a few tenants who refuse to comply with the common rules and etiquette of communal laundry service. Violation of these rules makes it inconvenient for others to get their laundry work done in time.


It seems like the pandemic is going to strike again, so, it will be prudent to rent an apartment that offers laundry services. Keep your budget in consideration while choosing between in-unit laundry and communal laundry services offered by apartments. Discuss the bills to be paid and the maintenance costs to be met with the apartment owner. Make the right choice by renting an apartment that offers apartment laundry services at affordable rates.