Making a Splash: How the Right Pool Pump Keeps Your Oasis Sparkling

Pool Pump

Hello, pool lover! I’m your reliable pool maintenance partner, eager to explore the process of selecting the ideal pump for your above-ground and in-ground paradise.

Whether you are new to this adventure or an experienced pool owner, choosing the perfect pump is similar to getting the appropriate swim trunks!

So, grab your preferred drink, relax, and dive into the factors to think about when choosing the crucial pool pump.

What is the Functional Mechanism of a Pool Pump?

Before we explore the details of choosing the correct pool pump, let’s pause for a moment to comprehend how this overlooked champion operates its wonders.

At the heart of the operation, a pool pump functions using a straightforward yet efficient mechanism. The impeller spinning motion causes water to be sucked from the skimmer and main drain into the pump from your pool. This fan-like impeller creates a strong suction that draws water into the pump’s housing.

Go for the Right Size Pool Pump

Just like how a well-fitting swimming costume is pivotal for a successful swim, the size of your pool pump is also more important. Getting a pump that is too large for your swimming oasis will result in increasing electricity costs. On the flip side, an undersized pump will not adequately circulate and filter the water. 

Calculating Turnover Rate

To recognise the precise pump size, divide your pool’s total volume in gallons by the turnover time in hours. For instance, if your pool has a capacity of 15,000 gallons and you want a circulation time of 8 hours, your turnover rate is 1,875 gallons per minute.

Endeavour for a pump that has a flow rate nearly equal to the calculated turnover rate. Going a bit higher is okay, but refrain from exceeding a large amount.

Pump Power (HP)

Horsepower – the engine that propels your water playground. For above-ground pools, a large pump is typically not necessary. A 1.5 HP pump is sufficient for most above-ground pools. Purchasing a larger option may seem attractive, but it can result in excessive energy usage and increased operational expenses.

Pump Efficiency

Similar to how you desire to effortlessly move through the water, you also look for your pump to operate efficiently. Search for pumps that have a high-efficiency rating (verify the ENERGY STAR certification) in order to prevent your energy bills from skyrocketing.

Filter Compatibility

Your pump and pool filter should work together smoothly, like a duo of synchronised swimmers. Make sure that your pump and filter match each other in flow rate and connection size. A properly paired pump and filter will ensure your water remains clear and make maintenance easy.


Your pool pump serves as the quiet protector of your outdoor oasis. By comprehending its purpose and selecting the appropriate one for your pool, you can guarantee clear, wholesome, and welcoming water throughout the season. Don’t forget that maintaining your pump properly not only ensures a clean pool but also helps you cut down on energy costs and decreases the amount of cleaning chemicals required. Therefore, choose the correct pool pump in Australia, adhere to appropriate maintenance routines, and allow your pool to become the setting for continuous summer enjoyment!