7 Most Popular AI Art Styles You Must Know

AI Art Styles

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest trends in AI-generated art? It seems like every day, there’s a new style popping out, leaving many of us scratching our heads on where to start.

With over 50 styles available through Midjourney AI, the possibilities for creativity are nearly endless. This might feel overwhelming, but don’t worry!

Our guide will walk you through the top seven most popular AI art styles that are shaping the industry today, helping you stay ahead of the curve. Get ready to be inspired!

What Are AI Art Styles?

AI art styles are different ways that artificial intelligence can create or change digital art. These styles happen because of AI algorithms. These smart tools turn ideas into great works of art, without needing the person to be skilled in art themselves.

This means anyone can make amazing pieces without knowing how to draw or paint by hand.

This kind of art uses things like neural network art, machine learning, and generative algorithms. Basically, computers use special rules and data to make new images on their own. It’s all about letting computers help us create something new and beautiful, making our ideas come to life in ways we might not have thought possible before.

Importance in AI-generated art

AI art styles are changing how we see creativity and authorship. They push the limits of what can be done in art. Using neural networks, AI art generators pick up patterns and learn different styles.

This way, they help make new kinds of images when given prompts. Including specific art styles makes these images even better. This big change is shaking up the traditional ideas about making and selling art. Now, more people can join in because AI democratizes the industry. 

Popularity and usage of AI art generators

Many people enjoy AI-generated art. About 27% of Americans have seen at least one piece made by an AI. Tools like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney are very popular for creating this kind of art.

With easy-to-use AI art generator options like PopAi pro, you don’t need to be an expert in technology or art. These tools are designed to help anyone create something beautiful or interesting without needing any special skills in drawing or design.

Top 7 Most Popular AI Art Styles

Exploring AI art reveals a world where creativity meets technology. Each style, from digital paintings to minimalist designs, brings its own flavor to the table.

Digital Art

Digital art stands out in AI art styles. It uses computers to make art that looks cool and grabs attention. People who create YouTube videos or need interesting pictures for their work love using digital art.

There are many AI tools that let users choose digital art when making images with AI. This is perfect for those looking to jazz up their social media or websites. Digital painting and computer-generated images come alive, turning simple ideas into vibrant visuals everyone enjoys.


Cartoons bring another dimension to AI art styles. Some Text-to-Image Generators now include an option for users who want to create visuals in this unique style.

The Cartoon AI art style stands out for its ability to transform ideas into animation, illustration, and even comic formats. This has a huge impact on visual content creation, making it easier for creators to produce works that are engaging and easy to understand.

The popularity of using Cartoons as an AI art style is set to rise in 2024. Creators can quickly turn their concepts into character designs, manga sketches, or graphic novels without needing advanced drawing skills.


Leaving the colorful world of cartoons behind, we step into drawing. This style explores AI’s ability to mimic artistic styles seen in modern tattoos, literary art, games, film, and animation.

This style isn’t confined to digital expression; it extends its branches into real-world applications such as fabric patterns and even detailed ink work on skin—modern tattoo designs being a prime example.

With each stroke guided by algorithms trained on artistic expressions, AI-assisted drawing creates visuals that stand at the crossroads where traditional meets futuristic. 


Realistic AI art looks just like real life. Now, AI can take lots of pictures and make new art that feels very real and detailed. About 31% of people in America think AI can make art as good as humans do.

This way of making art might change the whole art world. It could make creating and enjoying art something everyone can do, not just people with a lot of training.


Minimalism in AI art grabs attention with its simple, clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic. This style thrives on simplicity, using subtle colors and geometric shapes to create elegant and modern artworks.

AI image generators like Artsmart.ai excel in producing minimalist images that speak volumes with less. By analyzing training data for patterns and features, these algorithms craft abstract pieces that highlight the beauty of minimalism.

This trend showcases the potential of AI to mimic human artistic styles and pushes us to think about what makes art visually stunning. 


Shifting from the simplicity of minimalism, retro art takes us back in time with its vintage and nostalgic charm. This style brings old school vibes to modern AI art.

Artists and designers are now using tools like StoryLab.ai to create pieces that feel classic yet fresh. These generators have a special option just for retro art, making it easy to embrace this beloved style.

Retro AI art turns new ideas into something that looks antique or traditional. Think of colors and designs that remind you of the past but made with today’s technology. This mix of old and new is what makes retro so special and popular.


Lettering is a hit in the AI art world, especially for 2024. Artists and creators use AI tools to play with calligraphy, typography, and hand lettering. These tools are great because they make unique designs that stand out.

Imagine turning simple words into amazing artwork! This is what happens when you mix AI creativity with lettering.

Some text-to-image generators even let people choose “lettering” as their style. This means anyone can create cool text images without being an expert in graphic design. Plus, these designs aren’t just for looking at—they’re useful in video marketing too.


AI art styles are changing how we see art. From digital to retro, these seven styles show the range of AI’s creativity. They make it easy for anyone to explore art making. These styles also open up new paths for artists and the art world. So why not try creating with AI and see where it takes you?