Omari Mccree Still Alive: The Story Of A Bmf Snitch

Omari Mccree

Omari Lateef McCree, known in his circles as Omari McCree, was a prominent figure in the notorious Black Mafia Family (BMF) drug syndicate before he decided to cooperate with federal authorities, contributing to the downfall of leaders Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his brother Terry. This article delves into his story, examining his rise within the BMF, his decision to become an informant, and the murky details of his life post-betrayal.

The Rise And Fall Of The BMF

The BMF, a formidable criminal network, operated across 11 states engaging in extensive cocaine distribution, money laundering, and violent activities. Established in the late 1980s in Detroit, Michigan, by the Flenory brothers, the organization later expanded its base to Atlanta, Georgia. Known for its extravagant lifestyle, the BMF boasted luxury cars, flashy jewelry, and high-profile connections in the entertainment industry. They even ventured into the music scene with BMF Entertainment, signing notable artists like Young Jeezy, Bleu DaVinci, and Fabolous.

The empire, however, crumbled in 2005 following a comprehensive federal investigation that spanned over a dozen years, culminating in the indictment of over 150 BMF affiliates. The Flenory brothers were eventually apprehended and sentenced to 30 years each after pleading guilty to charges of running a criminal enterprise and conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

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The Role Of Omari McCree

Omari McCree, a trusted lieutenant of Big Meech within the BMF, was instrumental in managing cocaine distribution networks in Atlanta and beyond. His tenure in the organization was marked by violence, including shootings and an assault on a law enforcement officer.

Facing life imprisonment after his 2005 arrest by the DEA, McCree opted to become an informant. Under a confidential source agreement, he divulged extensive details about the BMF’s operations, implicating Big Meech as the primary cocaine source in the $270 million operation. His cooperation, which included information about fellow members, operations, and assets, led to a reduced 15-year sentence, avoiding a potential life term.

The Aftermath Of Omari McCree

McCree’s cooperation cut short his prison time significantly, leading to his parole in 2010 after serving less than five years. Attempting to maintain a low profile, he resettled in Atlanta. However, his life post-release was tumultuous. In 2011, he faced domestic violence charges, leading to his incarceration in the Fulton County jail for parole violation after posting a $2,500 bond.

Since these events, McCree’s status and whereabouts have remained a mystery. Rumors and speculation about his life range from enrollment in a witness protection program with a new identity to living under the constant threat of retaliation in Atlanta. His fate, whether living in anonymity or meeting a violent end, is unconfirmed.

Omari McCree’s story is a blend of betrayal, redemption, and ambiguity. Viewed by some as a traitor and by others as a pragmatist who escaped a life sentence, his legacy in the annals of the BMF is nothing short of controversial.