Tony Dow Net Worth | Income, Salaray, Carer and Bio

Tony Dow, a famous name, opened his eyes on 13th April 1945 in the one and only Hollywood. He was an experienced swimmer at an early young age and got the championship in the Junior Olympics. Dow is not famous for any one act.

He is a well-known director, sculptor, film producer, and notable American actor. He was still handsome at 77 years of age, with a net worth of five million dollars when he died.

Biography of Tony Dow

In 1969, Tony Dow married carol Marlow, and this couple got their first child in 1977. However, this marriage couldn’t last long, and finally, the couple divorced. After the separation in 1980, this multi-talented actor again married Lauren Shulkind in the same year. Unluckily, Dow left this world in July 2022 at the age of 77 years.

Thus, tony dow net worth was dollar five million at his death time.

This multi-faced actor raised his net worth in 2017, and it was approximately two million dollars. Every year, Dow added a $500,000 amount and ultimately reach its maximum dollar five million net worth.

TV shows and Movies

Tony Dow got his best days in his season of a series and last between 1957-1963. This multi-talented actor worked on several projects like ‘never too young, Mr. Novak, the Greatest Show on Earth, My Three Sons, and Dr.Kildare. Besides, Tony also played roles in various TV series like Square Pegs, Knight Rider, Emergency, and The Mod Squad.

Similarly, Love American Style, Adam-12, and the hard boys got high appreciation in the showbiz industry.

Income of Tony Dow

However, the total net worth of Tony Dow is a continuous appearance on the camera and off the camera. The actor stayed behind the camera lens and showed the iconic direction for various TV series like Harry, Hendersons, Babylon, and Coach. Thus, undoubtedly, Dow showed a superpower direction in his favorite series like ‘The new leave it to beaver.

Dow was recognized as a director and actor, but he pursued a career in the production line and successfully produced good movies. For example, back to the beach, still the beaver, Highschool U.S.A, and so on.

Thus, Dow was rich because various working sources continuously increase his wealth. Therefore, the above-mentioned amount is just jaw-dropping, and a beautiful luxury house worth a million dollars. This multi-faced actor bought his own car of 1962 model Chevrolet Carvour; it was his first car always kept with him.

Tony Dow Net Worth

Tony Dow was a dynamic person and got a salary of around $50,000 in his overall career. Therefore, his average annual income was approximately $500,000 per year.

Tony’s career

Tony stepped into the Hollywood world when he was a kid, showed his best performance in the ‘Leave It To Beaver show, and was hooked for six years. Because of his iconic role in this series, he got ‘Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award.

Until 1965, Tony, as a child artist, remained to progress his acting career. He rolled many small and big series like ‘The Greatest show on earth and Never Too young. The teams of ‘emergency, Love American style, and Knight rider, got dates again when he came back after serving the nation.

Tony not only established his career in TV shows but appeared in various movies, too. He acted in John Landis, David Zucker, Saul Kahan, and Jerry Zucker. After a few years, he appeared in Annette Funicello, Frankie Avalon, and Back to the beach. Tony succeeded in journalism and filmmaking while dedicated to distinct projects. His famous character was ‘Wally cleaver Knocked opened the door of new opportunities for his luck.

Behind the lens camera, he also established himself in a direction field in various dramas like Babylon 5, Crusade, Star Trek, and ‘The new lassie. In 2013, he encouraged himself to direct movies like Former child star and dickie Roberts.

Other Careers of Tony Dow

However, Tony made his career in different fields, directing, producing, and acting. He pursued the construction industry when he was paying close attention to his education. Tony Dow was a sculptor and was even selected for an art exhibition in 2008 in Paris.

Dow health

After getting much success, Dow revealed about major depressive disorder in an interview. In 2021, this multi-talented actor got pneumonia and was ultimately diagnosed with liver cancer in 2022. Finally, Dow left this world forever in July 2022.

Final words

The multi-faceted actor Dow was born in California and was the best swimmer very early age. Once he got a chance to show his performance in ‘Leave it to beaver’ and started his career in the showbiz industry. He was a sculptor, national guard, director, producer, and best actor. Tony had a net worth of $5 million and a luxury mansion. Thus, Tony Dow was the best in his career.