Vasectomy Recovery: Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Healing Process

Vasectomy Recovery - healing process
Vasectomy Recovery - healing process

If you have started investigating the vasectomy process and decided to pursue a vasectomy Arizona , you may have recovery questions and concerns. There are ways you can make your healing process go more smoothly, and you should understand how to prepare for surgery and recovery as well as what to do once you get home.

How Long Is the Recovery Process?

Your vasectomy procedure in Chandler Arizona should only last about 30 minutes or so. The recovery process is relatively quick, in part due to the use of a local rather than a general anesthetic. However, this is a very minor, outpatient surgery, so you can start moving around and doing light activities a few days after surgery. You should be nearly fully healed within a week or two.

What To Do Before the Surgery

Before your surgery, do not take anti-inflammatories or aspirin for up to 10 days. Also, check your freezer for frozen peas or purchase ice packs and get them in the freezer and ready. Eat something light approximately two hours before your appointment.

On the day of the surgery, shave your pubic hear using a razor. Avoid depilatory or hair removal creams and electric razors. Then, take a long, hot shower and scrub your body clean. Right before your appointment, wash your pubic area again.

Wear comfortable pants, such as sweatpants, and bring clean, supportive underwear, such as briefs or boxer briefs. Also, ask a friend or family member to drop you off and pick you up, if possible.

What To Do Once You Are Home

First, spend the first 24 hours lying down as much as you can. Follow your doctor’s instructions. He or she may suggest you remain inactive and lie down for up to three days.

You can use your frozen peas and ice packs to help reduce the swelling. Eat foods heavy in vitamin C and zinc, including citrus, bell peppers, strawberries, lean meats, seeds, broccoli, nuts and whole grains. Drink lots of water to flush your body of toxins. Continue wearing tight-fitting underwear for up to two weeks to support your scrotum.

You can also take over-the-counter painkillers to reduce discomfort. You may return to somewhat normal activities after about a few days, but follow your doctor’s instructions. Also, avoid heavy lifting for a few weeks. Also, avoid sex for a week or two, until you feel comfortable. Avoid baths or showers for a few days to keep your incision clean and dry. Avoid sports, the gym or other strenuous activities for at least one week.

When To Contact Your Physician

For a few days, you may experience swelling and tenderness in your scrotum. However, if the pain or swelling gets worse or does not go down, you should contact your physician. In addition, if you have prolonged blood in your semen or lumps in your scrotum, you should give your physician a call. Also, watch for infection.

Also, a few months after your vasectomy, you may want to have your sperm count tested. Your urologist can conduct this test to ensure that you are sterile.

As you prepare for your vasectomy procedure in Glendale, make sure you have someone to help you through the recovery process.