How to Watch Peacock on VIZIO Smart TV?

Peacock is an on-demand live TV source to watch on your gadgets, and it has extensive content to show you. is an on-demand live TV source to watch on your gadgets, and it has extensive content to show you. This platform is growing fast since its launch in 2020. Thus, peacock offers you a variety of content holding news and sports, and pretty soon, users will watch movies.

Fine, you want to watch Peacock on your TV set, no issue with easy steps can set all settings. But first, you should be a customer of a peacock. If still, you are not a user of Peacock, you can subscribe to it on its website. Make a free account by typing your email id and generating a password. 

They have unique plans on monthly, including premium and ad-supported plans for just in $4.99 form tv/vizio. After some time, the premium plan can upgrade to $5 per month to remove all ads. For a better price package, choose the annual plan. But the premium plan is a better option with no extra cost. 

Remember, Peacock is a new launch service only available in the US. But there are multiple methods to access while traveling. 

How to Start Peacock on Vizio smart TV? is originally available on VIZIO smart TV. Let’s learn it over the process to start. 

  • Open the home screen of Vizio smart tv and use the ‘V’ button of the remote. 
  • Go to the system and choose ‘Check for updates
  • If you get updates, choose ‘Confirm’ if you want to install. 
  • Wait for the entire process and again choose the ‘V’ button to explore Peacock. 
  • Go to Peacock and log in to your account while using Peacock identifications. You will perform this process once. 
  • Choose your favorite content you want to watch on Vizio smart tv. 
  • Remember, Vizio is not available on the App store. Thus, you will get all updates from your device. 

Alternative Ways to Watch Peacock on Vizio Smart Tv

Fix the Peacock app on your iPad/iPhone for the streaming system

  • After installing, sign in to your account on Peacock through tv/vizio.
  • Confirm that Vizio smart tv has the same wi-fi network as your device
  • Play sometime on the Peacock app on your gadgets and choose an icon of AirPlay.
  • Pick Vizio smart tv, and now you can watch the same content in Peacock stream on tv. 

What Type of Devices can Support Peacock?

First, the service was available for Comcast users, but now it has extended to other followers. 

  • Media streaming gadgets
  • Tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android 
  • Smart TVs
  • Consoles
  • And some other devices. 

How Many Accounts Can form on Peacock?

However, Universal introduced the Peacock streaming service last year, but it has approached impressive subscribers. First, it was opened for Comcast users, but it expanded to other users. When you open an app for creating an account, it will display an account holder page, but you can create almost four profiles.

Thus, you can open approximately six profiles with one account. But the issue is it allows you to use three streams simultaneously out of six profiles. Hopefully, it will not be problematic for you. However, the premium plan can get in at $4.99 for every month, and you can limit ads without extra cost. 

How Many Users can Watch Peacock Simultaneously?

However, after launching in 2020, Peacock has become a crowded place, and multiple subscribers are approaching streaming quickly. It is a Universal product; thus, no surprise. In competing with other services, Peacock is giving numerous advantages to creating multiple user profiles. 

Now the question is how many users can watch Peacock simultaneously. 

You can create six profiles when you subscribe to Peacock; thus, you have more hold on these profiles from one account in a distinct combination. But you can use three profiles from the same account and platform. However, it is not convenient because small users can get a chance to watch Peacock at once. 

So, subscribe to Peacock and can get it by making a free account. Enter your email id and password, and choose ad-support free to test on TV. It has almost 7500 hours of content from universal. Thus, you can consider it free. A Cox user can get a premium plan to watch ad-free content. 

The above plan doesn’t fulfill your demand, pick a premium plan with just $4.99 charges for every month. If you need ad-free content, you can get a premium plus plan for just in $5 every month. However, Peacock started streaming services for Comcast users but expanded it for multiple users like iOS and Android. Besides, they are also planning to start universal movies on the Peacock platform for four months. Thus, they are constantly updating their overall features to attract more subscribers. 

Finally, Peacock is 4th online streaming service, and users of Vizio smart TV can receive a unified watching experience. You can watch 4K/HDR quality content.