How To Make Your Partner Open Up With You?


A strong relationship requires clear communication. Many people are in a relationship for years but they do not talk about everything. The reason is that they are too shy or reserved to do so. 

Some techniques can make your partner feel comfortable around you and share their thoughts and feelings more expressively. In this article, we will share those tips and some psychological facts as well. Let’s dive into those tips directly.

Clear Communication Is Necessary

Most of the conflicts and misunderstandings arises due to miscommunication. This will lead to emotional distancing and sometimes even divorce. So, the first step to making your partner comfortable around you is clear communication. 

Women are expressive and they talk clearly about how they feel and what things they don’t like in a relationship. But men tend to hide their emotions. It can be challenging for their partner. 

There are different reasons why people are reserved. These reasons include past experiences, fear of judgment or simply just being an introvert. You have to make your partner communicate to build trust and intimacy. 

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Tips To Make Your Partner Speak Their Feelings Out Easily

Here are some points you should cover, and then see how magically your partner will start talking to you so easily about everything. Here you go:

Make Them Feel Comfortable

Make the room comfortable. If you are outdoors, make sure you know your partner’s preferences. Which place they will prefer more, like a disco, more social or a quiet, less crowded place. Literally, this will turn their mood on. 

Source: Pexel

Make An Eye Contact

This is a psychological fact that when you look in someone’s eyes they are attracted more towards you. But it doesn’t mean that you start staring at your partner. Just have random eye contact for a few seconds. 

Focus On Little Details

Remember to focus on the small details. How do they like to eat? Some don’t like sharing their plates. Some east with two spoons. Keep an eye on what they want. That really matters a lot. When they’ll see you noticing their minor likes and dislikes they will be drawn towards you.

Listen Actively

Speak less and listen more. Just start a topic and let them share their views. Don’t use your fone while they are talking. Make short eye contact and ensure that you are listening carefully. 

Expressions Matters Alot

Keep a smile on your face. So your partner would be relaxed that you are in good mood and they can talk to you about anything. Who wants to talk with a person with a bad attitude or angry expression? Yes, No one!

People get reserved when they see serious expressions. So, keep a light smile on your face. Change your expressions according to the discussion you are having. If you are talking about something serious then smiling might give them the gesture that you are making fun of them. So, change your expressions accordingly.

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Avoid Judgement

Don’t give judgments quickly. Avoid criticizing and disagreeing with your partner. Show a positive attitude. Agree with their thoughts. You may disagree at some points. What you have to do in such a situation is to keep your voice balanced. Don’t raise your vocals. Manage your expressions and answer with a calm mind. Give them logical reasoning as that why you disagree with them.

Be Patient

Don’t rush up. Or you will mess up everything. Be patient. Show them that you have enough patience to wait until they open up on their own. Don’t ask what you feel like they don’t want to talk about. Sometimes, when you don’t ask things. It will make an urge in them to talk to you.


Not everyone opens up clearly with their partner. Follow these tips to make your partner feel loved and comfortable around you. These psychological tips will surely attract them to you.