Wish Upon A Husband Spoilers: What To Expect In The Upcoming Chapters

Wish Upon A Husband Spoilers

“Wish Upon A Husband Spoilers,” penned by Haesaesae and vividly illustrated by Surreuk Comics, is a captivating manga series that weaves a tale of love, desire, and unforeseen twists. The story centers around Renea, a young woman disenchanted with her romantic life, who stumbles upon a wish-granting statue. Hoping to turn her love life around, she soon discovers that wishes can lead to unexpected and complicated consequences.

Chapter 23: Renea Meets Beldemer

The anticipation for Chapter 23, released on June 20, 2023, was palpable, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. Despite the lack of spoilers, fans eagerly awaited the unfolding of events. The chapter picks up from a dramatic cliffhanger where Renea is abducted by mysterious individuals claiming allegiance to Prince Beldemer of a neighboring realm.

This prince, a product of Renea’s wishes, remains an enigma to her, known only for his formidable reputation. As Renea is whisked away from her home and her first husband, Edwin, her mind races with questions about Beldemer’s intentions and Edwin’s response to her predicament.

Chapter 24: Beldemer’s True Intentions

Scheduled for release on July 4, 2023, Chapter 24 promises to unravel Beldemer’s genuine motives. Contrary to Renea’s fears, Beldemer’s intentions are protective. He aims to shield her from a treacherous plot brewing within his kingdom, orchestrated by the crown prince with designs on the throne. Beldemer enlightens Renea about her unique ability to wield time stones, potent artifacts capable of altering time itself, a power crucial to thwarting the coup.

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In an unexpected twist, Beldemer reveals a secret alliance with Edwin, who is more than he seems. Together, they plot to secure a time stone from the palace’s vault, intending to foil the crown prince’s nefarious plans. Amidst these revelations, Beldemer confesses his love for Renea, urging her to trust in their shared mission.

Chapter 25: Renea’s Dilemma

While the release of Chapter 25 is yet to be announced, anticipated for late July or early August 2023, leaked spoilers hint at the emotional turmoil awaiting Renea. Torn between her growing feelings for Beldemer and her commitment to Edwin, she grapples with guilt and confusion. Using a communication device from Edwin, she reassures him of her safety and discloses their alliance with Beldemer. Edwin’s response is one of relief, love, and unwavering trust, further complicating Renea’s emotions. Caught between two men who both cherish her, Renea faces a heart-wrenching decision as the expiration of her wish looms.


“Wish Upon A Husband Spoilers” masterfully blends elements of romance, fantasy, and drama, captivating its audience with a storyline full of unexpected developments and richly drawn characters. The manga, an adaptation of Haesaesae’s novel, invites readers into a world of enchanting narrative and imaginative artistry, reminiscent of the thematic depth found in Cat in The Chrysalis Spoiler, where the exploration of personal transformation and the intricacies of relationships are central.

For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, the series is accessible through various platforms, offering updates, spoilers, and insights into the unfolding story. Join the vibrant community of readers, engage in discussions, and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Wish Upon a Husband.”