Should You Buy Instagram Followers: Know the Pros & Cons

Buy Instagram Followers

The pressure to have a successful Instagram account is real, particularly for businesses and influencers.  It’s tempting to take shortcuts when there’s an infinite stream of expertly curated feeds and an ongoing fight for the top spot on the Explore page. 

One such shortcut is to buy followers (or use follower-boosting services), which may appear to be a quick cure. But is it worth the risk? Let’s analyze the benefits and drawbacks of this technique to help you decide what works best for your Instagram journey.

The Significance of Instagram Followers

Instagram’s immense popularity and influence make it a crucial platform for businesses seeking a robust online presence.

  • Statistics reveal Instagram’s prominence. In 2020, it ranked among the top 5 most visited mobile websites and the 6th most popular website.
  • Beyond its essential functions, Instagram users continuously explore new ways to derive value from the platform.
  • Instagram advertising has become a standard practice for businesses, prompting them to invest in building robust profiles on various social media platforms.
  • A fundamental strategy for businesses is accumulating a large Instagram following to enhance their brand’s overall influence.
  • However, paying for Instagram followers raises questions about its effectiveness and ethical considerations.

Bought Popularity Can Be False

Significance of Instagram Followers

Here’s the not-so-rosy truth: bought followers are often inactive or fake accounts.  These are essentially empty shells, programmed to inflate your follower count but lacking genuine interest in your brand or content. 

It’s like having a stadium packed with mannequins – impressive at first glance but ultimately devoid of life and engagement. 

Companies like Blastup (an example of a follower-boosting service) promise instant growth, you can get manufactured popularity from this in several ways.

Let’s examine the concept of purchasing Instagram followers and its potential benefits and drawbacks.

The pros of purchasing Instagram followers

pros of purchasing Instagram followers

The conflict between organic and sponsored traffic is a subject that marketers are constantly debating. Some people advocate applying both options simultaneously, while others merely adhere to one or the other. Therefore, there are undoubtedly benefits to Instagram, provided that your company doesn’t rely solely on purchasing followers and likes:

  • Using the extra fans method, more people are likely to comply with you. Users who see groups with plenty of followers tend to choose them over others with fewer followers. Buying Instagram fans can kickstart your account and entice more excellent fans.
  • With a better follower, remember that your posts are more likely to show up in customers’ newsfeeds. Social media platforms use algorithms to understand what content material to reveal to users, and having more excellent fans can raise your visibility.
  • More fans can lead to better engagement with different customers. People are drawn to accounts with a big following, making it simpler to stay relevant and connect with others. Buying active Instagram followers can help you get noticed and create a viral effect.
  • Having a large following makes it simpler to offer steady endorsements. Influencer marketing is popular on Instagram, and brands with extra followers have a more significant impact. Buying Instagram fans lets you build a robust presence and entice capacity partnerships.
  • An excessive follower relies on complements your credibility as an Instagram logo. In the aggressive world of virtual advertising, credibility is critical for achievement. Having extra fans makes your emblem seem more actual and allows you to grow into a tested Instagram business.

Cons of purchasing Instagram followers

Purchasing Instagram followers

There are always dangers associated with a plan of action, just like most digital marketing methods. What can destroy a business is failing to weigh the risks of a decision before making it. Thus, before you decide, be careful to consider the cons of purchasing Instagram followers and likes:

  • Buying Instagram followers can be high-priced, and there is no guarantee you’ll see a return on your investment. You can buy many fans to make a massive impact, which could cost loads. Researching and purchasing from professional assets is crucial to ensure you are making worthwhile funding.
  • Purchasing followers can harm your reputation. Consumers regularly view buying followers as deceptive, which might lead to terrible evaluations of your brand. If you are dissatisfied with returning your follower count, it may result in a lack of credibility and trust.
  • Simply buying followers does not assure engagement. While having an excessive follower count can also entice interest, you still want to create enticing content and implement effective strategies to force significant interaction. Buying followers is simply the first step, and you ought to hold to your guns to keep engagement.
  • There’s a high risk of being shadowbanned. Instagram has strict regulations against buying faux fans, and accounts that engage in such practices may be mentioned by other users and banned from the platform. To protect your account, it’s important to avoid violating Instagram’s terms of service.
  • The effects of purchasing fans are brief. Like paid marketing, purchasing fans might also offer a transient increase in visibility, but it is not a long-term answer. You need compelling content material and a stable method to keep momentum and preserve growth.


Building a strong Instagram presence requires work, but the outcomes are worthwhile. Organic improvement may be slower. However, it promotes actual connections with your target audience.

Instagram is fundamentally a social community. It’s all about making connections, sharing stories, and setting up a network around your logo or personality. 

By focusing on natural boom and true involvement, you can entice folks who are really interested in what you have to offer. This devoted target audience becomes your most ardent supporters, helping you achieve your social media goals in a protracted time period and significant manner.

A community built on authenticity and genuine connection will endure. So ditch the shortcuts and embrace the power of organic growth. 

It may take more effort, but the rewards – a thriving community, brand loyalty, and real business results – are far greater than any fleeting boost from bought followers can offer. Now get out there, create amazing content, and start building your Instagram empire the right way!