Clever Ways to Use Light Colors to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Summer is here! Are you looking for reliable solutions to keep your house cool this summer? Then, you are headed in the right direction. Summer is a season when you have to bear with the hot temperatures and enjoy all the summer activities.

To prepare your house for summer fun, consider the following clever ways to keep it cool this year! So, let’s begin!

Opt for Light-Colored Furniture

When choosing furniture for your home, it is advisable to acquire pieces from a home decor outlet that are light colors, such as white, light grey, or natural wood tones. The furniture’s brightness reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat compared with the darker hues, contributing to the greater daylight level and keeping the living space fresh.

Use lightweight, airy materials, such as cotton or linen, for upholstery, as such fabrics promote better airflow and ventilation. Moreover, you can look into furniture with a refined, minimalist structure that provides comfort and a relatively modern and airy style.

Use Light Colors

The perfect moment to settle on a seasonal update that will work regardless of the season is during the summer. Visualize how you may put light colors on your walls like sky blue, pastel yellow, aqua, or beige that bounce light off rather than absorb it.

They will be installed on the upper part of the inner surface of the healthy plants. Each will not only be cooling but also make the house look fresh and clean. The lighter hues will increase the overall lightness of your home inside.

Keep Sunlight Out

Sometimes, the interior of a room that receives light from the outside can be tempting, but we should keep in mind that light equals heat. The amount of light that is let into your house will determine how warm you will be, and the AC will have to run harder.

Therefore, to prevent your homes from becoming overheated during the warm season, keep window coverings closed, particularly those that face the west and north. For a more improved option, get blackout curtains that can block out the heat completely and keep your home cool throughout the summer.

Layer with Light-Colored Accessories

Bringing light shades to your home as an accessory is a perfect way to add coolness and a breath of air to your environment. Pick throw pillows, area rugs, and decorative cushions in light pastel shades or soft neutrals, which can enhance your living area’s color scheme and texture. In this way, use lightweight materials like cotton, linen, and bamboo for curtains, throws, and bedding to help you bring in the summery and relaxing feel.

Incorporate metallic accents such as chrome, silver, or gold to add a shine that bounces light around and creates dazzling sparkles in your interior.

Create a Cool Roof

A correctly installed cool roof will reflect sun rays and heat, keeping your home cool during summer’s high temperatures. You can install reflective roof tiles or shingles, paint reflective roofs, or cover the roofs with sheets.

Efficient roofs can be installed in every building, and they are especially beneficial for areas that do not have air conditioners, such as garages.

Contrast with the Dark Hues

On the contrary, light shades are the main players for your summer decor, yet adding dark accents can give your living space more depth and visual interest. Go for navy blue, charcoal gray, or espresso brown vases, paintings, and accent furniture as part of the set to create a contrast against light backgrounds.

These black accents help to create the focal point and anchor the room, around which a lot of the light-colored decoration is balanced. Explore various textures and finishes to have a great interior design while cooling down the house and keeping it nice and comfortable.

Use Light-Colored Bedding

Choose light-colored bedding to make your bedroom a cozy and cool haven in the hot summer months. Go for crisp white or soft pastel sheets and pillowcases for a relaxing and inviting mood. Opt for a fabric like cotton or linen that is lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking to aid you in staying calm and fresh at night.

Layer with lightweight fleece blankets that you can easily remove when too warm, and try a cooling pad or topper for your mattress to control your body temperature for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Choose Reflective Flooring

Pick flooring that reflects light and heat. It is made of light-colored hardwood, laminate, or ceramic tiles so that it will reflect the heat. The light-colored floors not only cheer up your living but also help reflect the sunlight, which keeps your place cooler.

For rooms that get hot easily, avoid dark carpets and rugs, which retain more heat and make spaces feel hotter. You may choose carpeting for your space, but go with the light-colored, low-pile, or natural fiber options because they are more breathable and easier to clean.