Top 5 Asked Questions About Stand Up Packaging

You have likely been in a grocery or department store and seen the expansion of stand-up pouches on the shelves. If you haven’t used stand-up flexible packaging previously, you likely have some questions. You may wonder about everything from pouch printing to warehousing. However, these are the top five questions most manufacturers ask before moving to these packaging options.

What Are Stand Up Pouch Dimensions?

A major benefit of stand up packaging is that you can customize it. You likely want to take advantage of the space-saving opportunity these options create.  

Although there are standard sizes, such as 3 ½” by 5” by 2” or 15” by 21.5” by 7”, some packaging companies offer die cutting or sizes that may not be standard. However, using standard sizes can reduce your costs and

Can They Protect My Products?

Flexible packaging for food has several protective factors. The manufacturing of these packages includes highly durable and puncture-resistant films. They block moisture from getting into the food and spoiling it. They also seal out air, odors and other impurities. These pouches extend the shelf life of your products. They also have resealable closures, so your customers can protect the leftovers.

In addition, many of these materials are puncture-resistant. This means that they are less likely to become damaged during transportation or display. You can even choose transparent windows that display your products or no windows to keep the light out. They even offer opaque coloring.

Are Stand Up Pouches Recyclable?

Stand up pouches use less material to produce, making the process much more efficient. These pouches take up much less landfill space than traditional rigid packaging. However, you can choose options that are recyclable or biodegradable.

They are also sustainable. They require less energy to produce as well. Because you can customize the size to your products’ specifications, they weigh less, you can fit more in a box or on a pallet and they store more efficiently. In addition, they take up less space on store shelves because they stand.

You can also reduce your transportation costs and emissions as a result of the weight and size of your products.

Are They Customizable?

You already know that you can customize the size of your packaging, but you can customize other features as well. For example, you can choose your stand up options, such as gussets or flat bottoms. You can also choose child-resistant options. Your packages can be single-use or reusable and resealable.

You can also customize the printing on your products, including the colors, fonts and images you use. Your vendor can provide tear notches, hanging holes or a variety of finishing options, from flat to glossy or metallics. Different products may need different closures, including zippers for dry products and spouts for liquids.

You can even request different film materials, and although most vendors have a minimum print run, you may choose to increase your run based on your customers’ demands.  

Do I need Special Machinery To Load This Packaging?

You can use automated equipment to load your new packaging. You can also do so manually. This will depend on your production runs and demand.

As you create your list of additional questions about ePac flexible packaging, you should consider the benefits of adopting these options.