That’s a cool transcript of the Invincible – Season 2 Teaser!

Here’s a breakdown of Invincible season 2 – what it reveals:

Mark’s Life:

  • Mark seems to be working at a restaurant, likely to make ends meet.
  • He’s still struggling with the trauma of Omni-Man’s betrayal.
  • He misses his mom (Debbie) and his alien companion (Samantha / Monster Girl) from another dimension.

Omni-Man’s Return:

  • Omni-Man is back, and he seems to be trying to reconnect with Mark in a casual way.
  • He claims to have found another Earth with similar food (possibly another Viltrumite colony).
  • He seems evasive about his activities and avoids admitting he hasn’t found Debbie or Samantha.

Season 2 Release Date:

  • The teaser playfully avoids giving a specific release date but reveals it will be in “late 2023.” (This teaser likely aired before the actual release date of March 14, 2024)

Humor and Tone:

  • The dialogue uses humor to address the serious situation.
  • The awkwardness between Mark and Omni-Man showcases the emotional tension left unresolved from season 1.

Overall, the transcript sets the stage for a season filled with tension, humor, and the question of whether Mark can trust his father again.

Courtesy – Prime Video

“Mmm, pretty good. Look at that.
Not bad, Mark!
You’re not just Invincible,
you’re also like Earth’s best food cooking man.
Pretty impressive.
Oh, no I-
I just worked here.
I don’t actually make the food.
Umm, next time also, constructive criticism,
do not put these green things in here.
These are gross.
Yeah, umm.
Hey so, did you ever find Urath?
Yeah, of course I found it.
Uh very, very quickly. Very easily.
Yellow skies, purple grass.
And get this, they have burgers there too.
Just like these!
Who would have guessed, huh?
You never found it, right?
No. Nope. Not even close.
I hope they’re okay.
I think about them quite a bit, honestly.
But uh, how about you?
What do you been up to? It’s been a while.
I think everyone agrees it’s been, like…
a little ridiculous how long it’s been.
Hey, I’ve been busy.
Doing what?
Well, I’ve been busy…
voice acting, key posing, in-betweening,
cleaning up, color slapping,
comping the whole thing, and all that for,
you know, roughly thousands of shots, so…
It’s kind of a lot.
Sure, yeah.
Although like ninety percent of that,
if I’m being honest, sounds completely made up.
But, the real question is…
when are you going back out there?
The world needs more Invincible.
Ugh, it’s coming. Okay?
Yeah, I know. But like, a specific date would be nice.
Oh, okay, fine.
The world will get more Invincible in uh…
late 2023.
Okay, I’ll take it!
Late 2023!
Perfect! Sure!
So 2023,
is that like one of your years?
You know our planets
they all have different systems
of keeping track of time.
Like they go around their stars at different speeds.
But the way you said that number…
makes it sound soon.
Is it soon?
I really want it to be soon.”