How to Store Wholesale Essential Oils to Maintain Longevity?

Wholesale Essential Oils

Homemade candles containing essential oils have aromatherapeutic properties that create calming atmospheres. Factors like light, humidity, and heat affect these candle-making supplies’ intensity, effectiveness, and longevity. Proper storage for your essential oils can extend their shelf life and enhance the quality of your final products. Here are some tips to help you safely store your supplies after purchasing essential oils wholesale:

Use Opaque Glass Bottles

Dark-colored glass bottles protect essential oils from sunlight exposure and UV rays. This prevents the oils from undergoing oxidation and losing their scent or therapeutic properties. Glass bottles don’t wear out or break down when storing essential oils because of their non-reactive nature. Their eco-friendliness makes them ideal storage options for environmentally conscious candle makers.

Before purchasing these supplies, assess the bottles’ durability, color, and capacity. Brown, cobalt-blue, green, and amber are suitable dark colors for essential oil glass bottles. Fill the bottles to the top to prevent any space that may expose your essential oils to oxygen. Bottles used to store essential oils should have airtight caps or lids. Loose caps increase the risk of oil damage by allowing air and moisture into the bottle. Avoid rubber or plastic caps bottles, as the lids may react with the stored oils and break down quickly. Drawers, closets, or shelves in your house are good spaces to store glass bottles filled with essential oils.

Use Refrigerator Storage

The cool environment in refrigerators prevents essential oil compounds from evaporating. Refrigerators and freezers also keep these supplies away from air and sunlight. Keeping your oils away from unsterilized items can also help maintain their quality and longevity. Before using refrigerated oils, warm them to room temperature. This will allow them to mix with the melted candle waxes more easily. When making homemade candles, keep the oils away from fireplaces and other heat sources, as they are volatile and could become a fire hazard.

Use Aromatherapy Boxes

Wooden storage boxes provide dark, moisture-free spaces that keep essential oils effective for a long time. These large boxes are ideal for storing an entire set of essential oils. Fiber boxes are good aromatherapy storage options to keep your supplies safe and well-arranged. Labeling your stored essential oils enables you to easily monitor their potency and expiration dates. Include the storage date, purity level, name, and purchase date in each set of oils for easier tracking.

Types of Essential Oils for Making Candles

Adding eucalyptus oil to candles results in scented products that provide relief for respiratory issues like the common cold and stuffy nose. Lavender oils have refreshing fragrances that enhance the soothing effects of homemade candles. Sweet orange oils are ideal for event-themed candles because of their mood-enhancing properties. Homemade candles containing tea tree essential oils promote clean indoor environments because of the oils’ antibacterial properties.

The pleasant scent of lemon essential oils makes them suitable for making seasonal-themed candles. Adding candles mixed with lemon oils to your home may boost your energy levels during spring or summer. Other types of essential oils that can refresh your home’s indoor air and boost relaxation include frankincense, peppermint, lemon grass, and ylang-ylang.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Essential Oils

Purchasing essential oils wholesale can help keep your candle business functional and competitive. Bulk candle-making supplies increase a business’s inventory levels and enable it to produce quality products consistently. Improved consistency and quality assurance make maintaining customer satisfaction easier for candle businesses. Regularly buying wholesale essential oils may motivate the supplier to give you discounts and other price benefits. Shipping bulk essential oils may be time- and cost-efficient for homemade candle businesses. 

Research and compare several candle supply wholesalers to find a budget-friendly one. A reputable wholesaler has short lead times and consistent communication with customers. If you’re new to the candle business, ask the supplier about recommended storage methods for your essential oils. Inquire about refunds and return policies, as your supplies may get damaged during delivery.

Buy Essential Oils Wholesale

Buying essential oils wholesale helps candle businesses stay ready to meet growing customer needs or demands. A reputable wholesaler delivers bulk candle-making supplies fast and provides high-quality customer service to answer your product questions. Contact a recognized wholesaler today for help finding quality aromatherapy essential oils.